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A delightful environment to live in

Beaumont is located in Rockland, approximately 1 hour 45 minutes from Montreal. It is a municipality full of charm with a great quality of life. A great place to settle in the countryside, far from the big cities. Right in the heart of nature, Beaumont is ideally located and enables easy access for everyone to the essentials (food, medical, schools, etc.). It offers beautiful natural spaces such as Potvin Park, for example, ideal for walking, but also has amenities and shops nearby, among other things.

Quick access to the services that matter to you!

Beaumont has two elementary schools and one high school for your children. You will also have easy access to the services you need every day (e.g., pharmacy, medical facilities, basic shops), as well as to public transportation and restaurants. Highway 174 is close to Beaumont to make all your out-of-town travel just as straightforward. The town of Rockland is ideally located along the Ottawa River. It is a very pleasant environment with unparalleled ease of living. You can have a great lifestyle and working life while enjoying the benefits of real nature all around.


A large choice of bright and spacious apartments!

Bloc 282 is a beautiful 4-story building ideally located in Rockland. It offers a pleasant living space in each of the 32 available units. There are also several singles apartments. Each unit has a tastefully appointed living room, kitchen, and bathroom. The fittings in each of these homes are of very high quality. Similarly, the building is particularly elegant and blends in perfectly with its surroundings.


Many advantages
Opt for single-family construction to enjoy added peace, quiet and comfort. In fact, this kind of dwelling is independent from adjacent properties and is synonymous with peacefulness. This is even more enhanced by using modern insulation materials. Owners thinking about putting up a fence around their lot will enjoy the utmost privacy by establishing their own space.


interior and exterior
Beaumont is now offering townhomes with contemporary architecture and a sleek design that can be customized according to your budget, your tastes, and your priorities. Families as well as couples and retirees will find it appealing since these homes are suitable for all lifestyles. Make it your dynamic family nest or a haven by choosing the options you prefer. More information will be released in the upcoming months.

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