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Discover our offering of semi-detached homes

Take some time to look over plans for our various semi-detached models. Landric Homes offers you a range of many original and attractive semi-detached homes for sale in the Ottawa region.

One attached to the other, but separate

Semi-detached homes require independent management, with separate property titles. Each of the two owners manages their individual property as they please, and each has a high degree of freedom when making decisions. This means that either owner can renovate, rent, sell or arrange their own premises as they need and wish. However, the two owners must agree on anything pertaining to the firewall or shared dividers. For example, to put up a fence, it is important to discuss it with your neighbour to get their agreement beforehand.

Economical and low-maintenance

The main advantage of a semi-detached home is that this kind of property doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. This translates into savings as a result. In fact, there is less free surface area outside, since the front essentially serves as a parking area.

In addition, from an energy-savings perspective, this kind of home is more energy efficient than a single-family dwelling, with energy costs reduced by at least 15%.

For all lifestyles

Perfectly suited for a variety of occupants, a semi-detached home can accommodate a single person or an entire family. Young families are particularly fond of this kind of dwelling.




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