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Introducing the Serina, our single-family home that embodies the perfect blend of space and comfort. As you enter the Serina, you’ll be greeted by its expansive living spaces, meticulously designed to create an atmosphere ideal for both entertaining guests and creating lasting family memories. The Serina offers plenty of space for meetings, while also providing comfortable nooks for intimate moments with loved ones. Each room at Le Serina is generously sized, offering a haven of tranquility where relaxation and rejuvenation come naturally.

What’s more, the Serina’s basement offers unlimited possibilities for customization, allowing you to shape it to your unique vision. Whether you want an extra bedroom, a spacious recreation area or a home office, the choice is yours. The Serina is a versatile home, ready to be adapted to your family’s specific needs and preferences. With its thoughtful design and personalized touches, the Serina guarantees a harmonious and fulfilling living experience for you and your loved ones.


Exceptional design meets functionality and customization awaits you in the Serina. Explore the infinite possibilities and turn your vision into reality.

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