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Find your dream home with many single-family home models for sale!

What is a single-family home?

This is an independent dwelling that accommodates one family. A single-family home is a distinct entity and has separate entrances and exits.

Did you know that the single-family home is at the top of Quebec’s list of the most preferred kinds of dwellings? This is not surprising, as a single-family dwelling has many assets!. It is private, comfortable, easy to manage and can be modified to the owner’s tastes.

Many advantages

Opt for single-family construction to enjoy added peace, quiet and comfort. In fact, this kind of dwelling is independent from adjacent properties and is synonymous with peacefulness. This is even more enhanced by the use of modern insulation materials.

Owners thinking about putting up a fence around their lot will enjoy the utmost privacy by establishing their private space.

A single-family dwelling is distinct from other kinds of property as it is easier to resell and you have more freedom on how it is used. The owner of this kind of property can rent living space without too many constraints. It can be rented in whole or in part, in order to enjoy some fixed income.

Single-family homes in the Ottawa region

Are you looking for a new home? Entrust your construction work to our team of experts. We serve the entire Ottawa region.

Trust the professionals at Landric Homes to build your new single-family dream home. The real estate market is hot in Ontario. This boom has resulted in many exciting new projects and our company is proud to be a part of them.

Whether you seek a single-family home in Ottawa, Clarence-Rockland, Orleans or other cities, the Landric Homes team will provide you with its full support. Enjoy a unique, quick and efficient experience, all at a competitive price!

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