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Clarence-Rockland sector, the charm of the countryside

Only 34 minutes from Ottawa (38 km via the highway) and 152 km (about 1 hour 45 minutes) from Montreal, the leafy city of Clarence-Rockland is a prime location for building a home. This charming municipality has some 23,185 inhabitants, living in harmony with nature. The city is located along the Ottawa River, on its right bank. This ideal setting attracts many people every year who build there to get away from the big cities.

A green and relaxing natural environment

Just a stone’s throw from the nearby Ottawa River, the City of Clarence-Rockland offers a comfortable lifestyle to anyone who wants to live in a green, suburban area, far from the big cities. This highly sought-after environment, both rural and urban, is ideal for those who want to live and work in a dynamic area in the heart of nature.

A city that understands development

Clarence-Rockland, a bilingual community with over 65% French speakers, is experiencing rapid economic growth. The city offers many opportunities in the business sector.

Quality of life to new families

Here, residents have high levels of education, training and skills. They represent a quality workforce for local businesses that the municipality supports as much as it can. The latter also wishes to see new companies set up, to continue to grow the dynamic local economy, and to offer its very good quality of life to new families!

Quality services and infrastructures

Life in rural areas is not a cultural desert, quite the contrary! Clarence-Rockland has everything you need for your daily life. You won't have to worry about anything when you move here!

Lots of activities for everyone!

Clarence-Rockland residents can go to Lavigne Natural Park North for a walk, to the golf club, or even to the fitness center where there is also a pool! Nature lovers will also be pleased with Heritage and Plaisance Falls, La Forêt Larose and Ottawa River Guided Fishing. Cycl-O-Route and the Ottawa River bike path are convenient for getting around and discovering beautiful countryside. These places are so magical that they make you want to live here! Landric Homes, specializing in real estate projects in the Clarence-Rockland area, is at your service to answer your questions if you are planning to build in Clarence-Rockland.

Easy to access cultural and leisure activities

Residents of the city can enjoy educational leisure time by visiting the Clarence-Rockland Public Library and the library. Discovery enthusiasts can go to the Clarence-Rockland Museum, for example. Finally, for those who like good movies, there are movie theaters where you can see the latest films and shows.
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