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Carleton Place

Carleton Place sector, a charming neighbourhood where life is good

Located 46km west of downtown Ottawa, and approximately 248 km from Montreal, the Carleton Place area is an ideal change of scenery, great to settle down in.

With a population of 9,600, numerous businesses, shops, infrastructures and attractive recreational areas, Carleton Place is a very pleasant area and will make you want to build your future home there.

Characterful architecture

The municipality of Carleton Place, originally named Morphy’s Falls, has a typical architecture that gives it a unique charm: exposed stone, decorations on the facades and windows, or varying roof styles.

The buildings are beautiful and really make you want to stroll along the streets by the Mississippi River.

An exceptional site on the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River crosses Carleton Place and is a beautiful setting for the architecture of the exposed stone buildings. The different styles of the buildings harmonize with each other. The municipality has a special character thanks to its varied architecture, its red brick facades, and its large windows.

City known for its local gastronomy

The city is also known for its local gastronomy, for example the Good Food Tour restaurant. And any conversation about Carleton Place can’t fail to mention the Canadian Co-op Wool Growers Limited which is a national organization of sheep breeders, but also the largest distributor of lamb’s wool in Canada!

A multitude of services, just like in a big city.

What could be better than a place to live with all the services that we appreciate on a daily basis. When you build at Carleton Place, nothing is a problem, you'll have everything you need!

Public transportation by bus or cab, and an extensive road network to get easily from one city to another.

There are a large number of schools so that everyone can find the one that suits them best:

  • secular and catholic primary schools;
  • Secondary Schools: Notre Dame Catholic High School, Upper Canada District School Board;
  • as well as several colleges and universities.

In terms of health care, the Carleton Place area has 3 medical facilities in the downtown area: Almonte General Hospital, Primacy McNeely Medical Clinic and Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital. Pharmacies, doctors’ offices and other medical facilities are also spread throughout the city for the convenience of all.

Carleton Place has several large retailers and grocery stores such as Mitchelle’s your Independent Grocer, Dollarama, Wallmart Supercentre and also FreshCo Carleton Place & Landsdowne, all very convenient for your shopping.

The city also offers an select range of restaurants: Boulton House, Gourmet Restaurant, Smith & Garrel, Fisherman Palace, among others, to treat yourself whenever you want!

A perfect environment for your leisure activities!

Residents of the area are fortunate to have access to Carleton Place Parks & Recreation, Riverside Park Beach, Centennial Park, the swimming pool, the Carleton-sur-Mer skate park and the bowling alley.

There is also the community maze, as well as the Ottawa Valley recreational trail, ideal for walking, biking and even skiing in the winter. Have a look at the Ottawa Tourism website to discover even more activities!

As a leader in real estate in the Carleton Place area, Landric Homes can answer all your questions about your future home and let you know about current real estate opportunities!

If you want to live in a beautiful natural setting, you might be tempted to settle in one of the areas of Carleton Place: Coleman Central

Architectural treasures to be discovered

As you walk through Carleton Place, you will see the imposing limestone building of the Victoria School Museum which was built in 1872. The site is now home to the museum, but also to the Beckwith Historial Society (from 1987) and the Canadian Veterans Hall of Valour (from 2004). The architecture is remarkable with walls made of Beckwith limestone and perfect symmetry on all facades.

Carleton Place has plenty of beauty to offer you, while providing you with a great location for your personal well-being!

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