Orléans Sector, a large and flourishing city

Orléans is only 13.3 km from Ottawa and 188.8 km from Montreal. The direct road allows anyone coming from Ottawa to reach this dynamic city of some 38,135,00 people very quickly. Many new homes and properties are built each year to accommodate newcomers.

A rich historical past

Orléans has a very rich history that links it to the city of Orléans in France. It was one of the very first French-Canadian villages located east of Bytown, the capital of Canada, now Ottawa. For the record, Orléans was known as Saint-Joseph d’Orléans before its current name. St. Joseph Parish, located on St. Joseph Boulevard, is in the central part of the city, which is also the oldest part of the city.

Orléans, a city that is always evolving!

Orléans has been growing for a long time, particularly in terms of commerce, with the creation of shopping centers and various businesses over the years. The Place d’Orléans and its many stores is important for the local economy, as is Innes Road which is today a new commercial heart for the city, with retail of all kinds, restaurants, and everything that the people of Orléans need.

Demographics are constantly changing

Finally, the rapid development of the city has meant that the demographics are constantly changing, which is why the real estate market here is particularly flourishing, with new construction. With a large number of green spaces, Orléans is also a pleasant place to live, with everything you could want for employment, daily life, children’s education and more.

A wide range of services to make your life easy!

The most important thing when you want to build a home is to have everything you need at hand. No matter which area of Orléans you settle in, you will always have what you need nearby!

Plenty of activities available to all!

Orléans residents have a wide range of parks to walk in, bike or take their dogs out, such as Petrie Island Park, Ruisseau Park or Barrington Park, for example. Swimming enthusiasts can go to the Millennium Water Park, while movie lovers can go to Lanmark Cinema 10 Orleans (only 0.7 km away) or Cinestarz Orleans (2.7 km away). We invite you to visit the Ottawa Tourism portal to learn more about the activities to do around here.

Culture and relaxation at your doorstep!

In addition to leisure activities, courses and workshops (pottery, cooking…), yoga classes and a Spa, Orléans also has 2 libraries to broaden the mind.

Landric Homes specializes in real estate

Landric Homes specializes in real estate in the Orleans area and is happy to answer your questions about your real estate project in the region. We invite you to contact us for the latest new build opportunities.
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